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Light advertising agency was officially established in 2021. It has been engaged in advertising activities for many years. The initial team of Light consisted of a creative team that realized the need of the large advertising market in Iran. With the passage of time and recognizing the need for different angles of advertising in businesses, we started to strengthen our executive staff.

In the early days, we started working by editing and producing promotional teasers and product photography. But over time, we entered the field of digital marketing activities and then took action in the field of business branding by using the knowledge of the group’s consultants.

Another specialized field that Light Group entered was the field of digital printing of packages, envelopes and cartons for business products and services. With the expansion of Light’s services over the years, this advertising agency has become an advertising company with all the services related to advertising and is fully prepared in the field of advertising for any type of business.

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“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

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Using new and attractive methods has been the top priority of Light to always bring creativity to its peak in its advertisements.


Accuracy in providing services and paying attention to the customer-focused and customer-friendly point of view always makes Light's services valuable.


The quality of the services provided in Light is due to the expertise and experience gained and applied over the years.

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